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How to Choose the Most Suitable Level Sensor?
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How to Choose the Most Suitable Level Sensor?

The type of technology used in liquid level measurement depends on factors such as the type of medium, whether it is corrosive, whether single-point level measurement or real-time level monitoring is required, the size of the container, and the operating environment (e.g. high temperature). Therefore, how to choose a level sensor?

1. Capacitive level transducer

The capacitive level sensor can be used to monitor liquid levels for liquid and solid media (e.g. sand, plastic particles), as well as various chemical liquids, highly viscous substances, food, pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering industries, etc.

The advantage of the capacitive level transducer is that it can provide accurate, robust and reliable results. For this, the medium should be calibrated.  

2. Ultrasonic liquid level sensor

It can emit ultrasonic waves and measure the distance between the sensor and the liquid based on the time and intensity of the reflected waves. The ultrasonic liquid level sensor offers an accurate and non-contact method, which is not affected by the measured material. At the same time, it is more expensive.

However, during the detection of the ultrasonic liquid level sensor, the ultrasonic system may have a cross reflection on the medium with fluctuation, which affects the detection result.

3. Radar level transducer

The principle is similar to ultrasound. However, the characteristic of the radar level transducer is to emit microwave frequency signals instead of sound waves. The liquid level can be calculated by detecting the time difference between electromagnetic wave transmission and reflection. It has high accuracy and good stability, so it is suitable for measuring water, oil, and even liquid with foam.

The radar level transducer is usually suitable for long-distance measurements. However, there are detection blind zones.

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