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How to Choose Integrated and Split Electromagnetic Meters?
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How to Choose Integrated and Split Electromagnetic Meters?

The correct selection of electromagnetic meters is the prerequisite to make good use of them. What kind of electronic meters should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the conductive liquid medium to be tested. Important factors need to be considered: electromagnetic meters nominal diameter (DN), flow range (maximum flow, minimum flow), lining material, electrode material, output signal. So under what circumstances should we choose integrated and split types?

Ⅰ. Integrated electromagnetic meters

Under the good field environment, the general choice is integrated electromagnetic meters, that is, the sensor and the converter are integrated.

Ⅱ. Split electromagnetic meters

This kind of flow meter is composed of sensor and converter. Generally, the split type is selected under the following conditions:

1. The ambient temperature or the radiation temperature on the surface of the flow meter converter is greater than 60 ℃.

2. Where the pipeline vibrates greatly.

3. The aluminum shell of the sensor will be seriously corroded.

4. The site has high humidity or corrosive gas.

5. The flow meter is installed at high altitude or underground where it is not convenient for debugging.

It should also be noted that the cable connection distance between the sensor and the converter should be indicated when ordering the split electromagnetic meters, which is generally not more than 20m, and the converter is wall mounted.

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