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How to Achieve Accurate Monitoring and Management of Vehicle Fuel Consumption?

The prerequisite for achieving accurate monitoring and management of vehicle fuel consumption is to effectively obtain accurate basic fuel consumption data of the vehicle in each working state. Ultrasonic diesel tank level sensor is a relatively reliable product that can realize fuel consumption monitoring without destroying the fuel tank.

Ultrasonic Diesel Tank Level Sensor

FEEJOY launched an ultrasonic diesel tank level sensor especially for fuel level measurement for fuel consumption monitoring:

1. High accuracy, the resolution of oil level height measurement is 0.1mm, and the sensor has been temperature calibrated between -15℃ and 60℃, which can ensure that the equipment can guarantee high measurement accuracy under high temperature and high cold external environment.

Ultrasonic Diesel Tank Level Sensor

2. The long-term stability is good. The ultrasonic diesel tank level sensor adopts the ultrasonic measurement method and implements non-contact measurement, which is different from the direct contact float, pressure, and magnetic sliding measurement methods commonly used at present, thereby avoiding the oil level sensor to get fuel corrosion and pollution, and maintaining long-term measurement stability;

Ultrasonic Diesel Tank Level Sensor

3. Easy to install and maintain: just install the sensor below the outside of the fuel tank, without changing the original fuel tank measurement system, without opening and changing the fuel tank, and ensuring the normal operation of the original car fuel gauge;

4. Environmental protection: with low energy consumption, non-contact measurement, there is no need to perforate or modify the fuel tank to cause fuel dirt and pollution.

Ultrasonic Diesel Tank Level Sensor

5. Strong reliability: it can work normally in harsh environments, and it is moisture-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference, and intelligent.

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