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How About the Automatic Back Flushing, Dust Cleaning and Control of the Differential Pressure Transmitter for Removing Dust?

Dust, first passes through the suction cover, and then goes through the pipe to the dust collector. Finally, it is discharged into the atmosphere from the fan mouth after being filtered through the filter element.

If the dust on the surface of the filter material has not been cleaned for a long time, the equipment will be blocked, leading to the greater resistance of the equipment. Finally it can not be used normally.

It is not realistic to solve the problem manually every time. Therefore, the measure of pulse automatic dust removal is used on the market at present to keep the dust on the surface of the filter cartridge cleaned in time.

The pulse controller can be controlled according to how long the time is. differential pressure transmitter is one way.

The cleaning of filter material of the dust collector is realized by pulse injection mechanism controlled by the differential pressure transmitter. When the purifier has been run for a period of time, fine smoke dust is adsorbed on the surface of filter material, which reduces the air permeability of the filter material.

The two probe heads of the differential pressure transmitter are respectively installed on the original gas side and the clean gas side.

When the pressure difference detected by the smart differential pressure transmitter exceeds a certain set value, the pressure difference signal is transmitted. After receiving the signal, the pulse generator starts the pulse injection valve in sequence.

Clean compressed air is ejected from the valve port, and the ejected air is purged on the filter element until the pressure difference is lower than another set value before stopping.

The dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is removed under the action of airflow and falls in the dust collector at the lower part of the dust collector chamber.

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