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Guided Wave Radar Sensor
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Guided Wave Radar Sensor

Guided Radar Level

Guided wave radar transmitter, which is based on the "time of flight" principle. It consists of electronic equipment and waveguides (ie probes) enclosed in a housing to guide radio waves into the process medium. The 1 GHz low-energy electromagnetic pulse emitted by the electronic device is transmitted along the probe, and travels down the probe at the speed of light into the process medium, and part of their energy is reflected back to the sensor circuit. The intensity of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the medium. The electronic device measures the time delay between the transmitted signal and the reflected signal, and uses the formula to calculate the distance of the process medium surface = (speed of light x delay)/2, level = (tank height-distance).

The guided wave radar sensor is programmed with the fuel tank height, corresponding The liquid level is calculated by the microprocessor. Only when the dielectric constant of the upper medium is low and the difference between the two dielectric constants is greater than 10. As one of  radar level transmitter manufacturers, we supply the guided wave radar sensor that can also be used for liquid-liquid interface level measurement. After the first reflection, the remaining electromagnetic pulse continues to propagate down the probe, passes through the low-dielectric medium, and reflects back again. The second reflected signal determines the interface level.

Guided Wave Radar Sensor

Guided Wave Radar Sensor

Guided Radar Type Level Transmitter

Provide accurate and reliable level measurement of liquids, slurries, pastes, liquid interfaces and solids. Suitable for medium with low dielectric constant. Unaffected by liquid turbulence, density, dielectric constant, conductivity, foam, dust, temperature and pressure changes. As there are no moving parts, maintenance is very low.

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