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Four Advantages of the Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter with External Slider

Ⅰ. Principle of magnetostrictive level transmitter with external slider

The principle of magnetostrictive level transmitter with external slider is: the operation principle of magnetic levitation is achieved by analyzing the feedback signal of mutual induction between two magnetic fields. The first magnetic field is operated on the sensor shell by a permanent magnet, and the second magnetic field is generated by a pulse generator. When two magnetic fields induce each other, the position signal of an absolute value will be fed back by the ultrasonic speed, and the precision circuit system will analyze the waveform of the supergenerated wave, and then output an accurate and high-resolution position signal. The absolute value measurement method ensures that the sensor can provide position signal immediately after the system is powered on.

Ⅱ. Four advantages of magnetostrictive level transmitter with external slider

Magnetostrictive level transmitter with external slider has the following four advantages:

1. Directly replace the resistance displacement sensor without mechanical modification.

2. The design of open rail type housing can reduce the sensor damage due to installation error.

3. Aluminum shell can cooperate with two types of permanent magnet slider for non-contact measurement.

4. Magnetostrictive level transmitter adopts non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology. It can provide the best linear and absolute position measurement.

These are the four advantages of the magnetostrictive level transmitter with external slider. In addition, it not only is reasonable designed and convenient, but also saves disassembly time and labor cost, and has stable and reliable performance.

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