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Float Level Gauge Installation
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Float Level Gauge Installation

Correct use method of float level gauge:

(1) Before use, first check whether the liquid level gauge is within the verification period, otherwise, it should be verified and replaced if it fails.

(2) The sensor should be installed horizontally, and the run-in length should meet the technical requirements.

(3) The connection between the sensor and the explosion-proof junction box must be tight and tight, and no rain water can leak.

(4) The wiring should be carried out according to the instruction manual, and it should not be short-circuited or wrongly connected.

(5) The continuous float level sensor must work within the set measurement range and must not work beyond the range.

Correct maintenance method of float level gauge:

(1) After the sensor runs for 6 months to 1 year, it should be visually inspected and routinely verified.

(2) Regularly check whether the sensor is bent and deformed by external force, so as to avoid the failure of the ball.

(3) Regularly check whether the magnetic induction switch element of the sensor is aging or malfunctioning, no less than once a month.

(4) The sensor verification period is 1 year.

(5) Check that the protective sleeve of the float level gauge must not leak water.

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