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Features of the Capacitance Transmitter
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Features of the Capacitance Transmitter

Capacitance transmitter needs to convert the measured mechanical quantity into voltage or current and then does the amplification processing. Under some conditions, these mechanical quantities change slowly in a minimal range. Therefore, in order to measure them, higher resolution are needed and other sensors are difficult to achieve high resolution. Therefore, generally it is appropriate to use the capacitance transmitter for testing, which has the following advantages:

1. High impedance and small power, with small input force requirement and low input energy of capacitance transmitter

Because the electrostatic attraction between electrically charged plates are tiny, so the required input energy is also tiny. Therefore, capacitance transmitter is suitable for solving the measuring problem of low energy input, such as measuring the extremely low pressure, force and small acceleration, displacement, etc. It can be very sensitive with a very high resolution.

2. Good temperature stability of capacitance transmitter

The capacitance value of the sensor has nothing to do with the electrode material, which is conducive to choosing the material with low temperature coefficient. Besides, it has little influence on stability because it emits little heat.

3. Simple structure and strong adaptability of capacitance transmitter

The object to be tested can be a conductor or semiconductor; It can work in a harsh environment. Capacitance transmitter is simple in its structure, which is easy to manufacture and can be made very small to achieve some special measurements. It can work in high and low temperature, strong radiation and strong magnetic field and other harsh environments. In addition, it also can measure the workpiece with magnetism.

4. Good dynamic response of capacitance transmitter

Because the electrostatic attraction between the plates is very small, and the movable part is very small and thin, so its natural frequency is very high and the dynamic response time is short. It can work in a few megahertz frequency and is especially suitable for the dynamic measurement, such as vibration measurement and instantaneous pressure measurement.

5. Contactless measurement can be realized with average effect by capacitance transmitter

For example, contactless measurement of the vibration or eccentricity of the rotating shaft, the radial clearance of small ball bearings, etc. When contactless measurements are adopted, capacitance transmitter has an average effect and can reduce the impact of rough working surface on measurements.

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