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Features of High Accuracy Turbine Flowmeter
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Features of High Accuracy Turbine Flowmeter

The high-precision turbine flowmeter is a high-grade liquid flow meter. It is based on Swiss flow patent technology. The rotor radial flow caused by the special geometric combination of the rotor shell is combined with the lightweight polyethylene fiber rotor to make the rotor in Floating in the middle. The high-precision turbine flowmeter has almost no resistance during the floating measurement process of the rotor, thereby ensuring the high precision, linearity and durability of the turbine flowmeter.

The following are the characteristics of high-accuracy turbine flow meters:

Temperature range: -20 ℃to 90 ℃

Working pressure of high-precision turbine flowmeter: 16bar

Maximum pressure of high-precision turbine flowmeter: 40bar

Power supply voltage: 5 to 24 VDC, 12 to 24 mA

Viscosity range of high-precision turbine flowmeter: 0~1000 CSt

Process connection of high-precision turbine flowmeter: 3/8 BSP external thread

Electronic connection: 3-wire ribbon cable is sealed in the shell, the cable length is 15cm

Wetted material: PVDF, Vectra (polyethylene fiber)

Sealing material: Viton or EPDM (EPDM)

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