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FEEJOY Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a mag flow meter or magnetic flow meter which uses an electromagnetic coil to generates a magnetic field according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is a volumetric flow meter ideal for water management. Our electromagnetic flow sensor features tiny small pressure loss and a large measurable flow range. It can be used in critical flow management to improve accuracy, decrease system maintenance, and meet the demands of challenging liquid.
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The ratio of the maximum flow to the minimum flow is generally more than 20: 1, the applicable industrial pipe diameter range is wide, up to 3m, the output signal and the measured flow rate are linear, the accuracy is high, and the conductivity can be measured ≥ 5μs / cm Fluid flow of acids, alkalis, salt solutions, water, sewage, corrosive liquids and mud, ore pulp, paper pulp, etc. But it cannot measure the flow of gas, steam, and pure water.

Introduction to Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter

The display method of electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into split electromagnetic flowmeter, integrated electromagnetic flowmeter. The nominal diameter of the series is DN15 ~ DN3000.

The split electromagnetic flow sensor is an inductive instrument that measures the volume flow rate of the conductive medium in the tube according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It uses single-chip embedded technology to achieve digital excitation. At the same time, the CAN field bus is used on the electromagnetic flow meter. It is a domestic initiative. The technology has reached the domestic leading level.

FEEJOY supplies all kinds of flow meters as a 16 years' flow transmitter manufacturer, you can find a right one for your application.

Features of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  • The electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts and no flow blocking parts, which will not cause pressure loss, and will not cause problems such as wear and blockage.

  • Electromagnetic flow meter is a volume flow measuring instrument, which is not affected by the temperature, viscosity, density, and conductivity (within a certain range) of the measured medium during the measurement process.

  • The range of electromagnetic flow sensor is wide, up to 1: 100. In addition, the electromagnetic flowmeter is only proportional to the average flow rate of the measured medium and has nothing to do with the axisymmetric flow state (laminar flow or turbulent flow).

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters have no mechanical inertia, are sensitive to reaction, can measure instantaneous pulsating flow, and have good linearity, so the measurement signal can be directly converted into a standard signal output by the converter. The LD-T type can be indicated locally, and the LD type can be transmitted over a long distance.

Application of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in sewage, fluorinated chemicals, production water, tap water industry, medicine, steel, etc. 

Because the principal determines that it can only measure conductive liquids. Although it is much better than other types of flowmeters in terms of reliability and stability, but customers will still have some problems during actual use.

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