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Different Application of Different Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Different Application of Different Electromagnetic Flow Meter

In the industry, a flow meter is an instrument for measuring flow, and an electromagnetic flow meter is also a measuring instrument for flow meters. Generally speaking, the types of electromagnetic flow meters used in different occasions are also different.

Ⅰ. Classifications of the electromagnetic flow meter

According to the different classification methods, the situation will also be different. Generally speaking, the electromagnetic flow meter can be mainly divided into three categories according to the assembly method, there are integrated electromagnetic flow meter, split electromagnetic flow meter and plug-in electromagnetic flow meter.

Choosing the right electromagnetic flow meter for different occasions can improve work efficiency greatly.

Ⅱ. The application of electromagnetic flow meter in different industries

1. In metallurgy, papermaking, sewage treatment and other industries, electromagnetic flow meters of different flow meter companies are generally separated and large-diameter flanged. Small-diameter and integrated clamping connections are used in biomedicine, chemical and other industries and the specifications of electromagnetic flow meters required by different fields are different.

2. In industries such as food hygiene and medicine, the sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter is required to be easily disassembled, so that it is also very convenient to clean, and it is convenient to steam sterilize it regularly. Therefore, electromagnetic flow meter must meet sanitary specifications in the sanitary industry.

3. The vortex flow meter used in the channels is submersible, mainly used in industrial drainage and sewers. They must use the power of the hoist to perform related drainage work. At the same time, the sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter should be installed under the baffle of the open channel, which will be immersed in the water for a long time.

4. In some special places, such as some explosion-proof occasions, the instrument needs to have good explosion-proof and flame-proof performance. On these occasions, the energy of the exciting current is very big, and the types of electromagnetic flow meters can be divided into airtight, pouring sealing, flameproof and sand filling.

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