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Diesel Level Meter
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Diesel Level Meter

Types of Diesel Level Meter

1. Ordinary type

The float level meter is a kind of on-site display instrument, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, electric power, light industry, environmental protection and other departments to continuously display the liquid level in the opening or pressure-bearing vessel.

2. Anti-corrosion type
The anti-corrosion type is especially suitable for the measurement and indication of the level of corrosive and toxic liquid (Working pressure ≤ 1.6MPa; Measurement range ≤ 2m).

3. Heat tracing type
The heat tracing type is suitable for measuring liquid medium with high viscosity, high temperature or low temperature (the instrument needs to use heat tracing device).

4. High temperature type
It is suitable for continuous liquid level measurement of the liquid medium with pressure less than 10Mpa and temperature between 200℃ to 450℃.

5. High pressure type
It is suitable for measuring the liquid level of the liquid medium in a sealed container with a temperature below 200℃ and a process pressure higher than 10Mpa (below 20Mpa).

6. High-temperature and high-pressure type
It is suitable for measuring the liquid level of the liquid medium in a sealed container with temperature higher than 200℃ and process pressure higher than 10Mpa (below 20Mpa).

7. Explosion-proof type
The explosion-proof type is suitable for remote transmission of electrical signals in a flammable and explosive environment. The instrument is equipped with liquid level transmitter and other electronic devices with the current signal of 4mA to 20mA or top and bottom limitations alarm setting.

8. Top mounting type
The top mounting type is suitable for all kinds of underground flow media storage tanks, which can display liquid level on the surface. But it is not suitable for the workplace with strong vibration and strong magnetism (Working pressure ≤ 1.6MPa; Measuring range ≤2m).

According to the different types, the purpose and application range of the diesel level meter will also be different. 

Diesel Level Meter

FEEJOY Diesel Level Meter

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