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Development of Water Level Monitoring Technology
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Development of Water Level Monitoring Technology

In recent years, due to urban effects such as road hardening, industry, and dramatic increase in domestic drainage, coupled with extreme rainfall on the climate, in addition to the traditional hydrological monitoring requirements of rivers and lakes, the monitoring requirements for urban waterlogging and flood prevention has been added. The application of ultrasonic sensors for detecting water level to remotely monitor information such as river surges, pipe network water levels and road water accumulation will undoubtedly greatly help urban flood control work, improve the efficiency of flood control work, and reduce economic losses caused by waterlogging. Ant it is a manifestation of the concept of "smart city" promoted by major cities.

Ultrasonic Sensor for Detecting Water Level

Driven by the rapid development of technology in the directions and fields of communication networks, automatic control, sensor technology, cloud computing, geographic information systems and remote sensing, large-scale integrated circuits, and big data Internet of Things, water level data collection technology has made considerable progress with ultrasonic sensor for detecting water level. Development is also facing new development opportunities. Early liquid level measurement mostly used mechanical principles, such as glass plate method, manual ruler method, and float method. The main disadvantage of this type of sensor is that it is very difficult to measure the water level in flowing water, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. And logging is usually required.

With the development of electronic technology and measurement technology, some technologies that adopt new measurement principles have also been developed. The structure of the water level sensor collector is gradually scientific and optimized, and the function has also been greatly improved.

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