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Continuous Float Level Transmitter
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Continuous Float Level Transmitter

Continuous Level Sensor

The continuous float level transmitter is specially used for liquid level detection of various medium and small normal pressure and pressure liquid storage tanks, remote transmission of on-site indication signals, and liquid level alarm. It can be applied to dangerous places of various sanitary, toxic and corrosive media and explosive gas. And there are also a variety of installation methods, suitable for various forms of containers. Because the use environment and containers are diverse, there will be some common faults such as misoperation during use corresponding to these differences. The following tells you the occurrence and elimination of common faults and daily maintenance so that the continuous float level changer can be used. The life span is greatly extended.1. Common faults and troubleshooting of continuous float level transmitter


Continuous Water Level Sensor

1) Failure phenomenon, cause analysis and troubleshooting method The floating ball does not move

① The specific gravity of the liquid is less than the specific gravity of the float → reconfirm the specific gravity of the float

② The floating ball is leaking → contact our company to replace the floating ball

③ Foreign matter jams the floating ball → remove foreign matter

2) Continuous float level transmitter float action, but no signal output

① Float ball position offset → adjust float ball position

② The reed switch is damaged → replace the reed switch

3) The signal output is abnormal, and there is magnetic field interference nearby → eliminate the magnetic field

The signal is maintained and cannot be restored, the floating ball cannot be restored, and foreign objects are stuck → remove foreign objects

There will be two signal outputs at one point, the position of the buckle moves → adjust the position of the buckle


Continuous Float Level Sensor

1) Regularly remove the dirt on the connecting rod and floating ball (the cycle depends on the medium).

2) The continuous float level sensor checks whether the screws on the buckle are loose.


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