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Common Types of Level Gauge
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Common Types of Level Gauge

Following are the types of common liquid level transmitter on the market.

1. Magnetic turning plate level gauge

Magnetic turning plate level gauge is also called magnetic float level gauge or magnetic column level gauge.


Principle: The magnetic flap level gauge is developed according to the principles of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the level gauge in the measured container goes up or down, the permanent steel in the float acts with the magnetic column indicator via magnetic coupling, which makes the red and white plate rotate through 180 degrees. When the liquid level rises, the magnetic flap plate changes from white to red, and when it drops, it turns white. The red-white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the level gauge in the container.

2. Radar level gauge


Principle: the radar level gauge is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel. The radar wave will start to run at the speed of light. The level transmitter working time will be converted into the micro signal by the electronic components in the level gauge. The high-frequency pulse signal from the probe will go along the probe. When encountering the medium, it will be reflected and accepted by the radar level transducer, and the signal of distance will be changed into the signal of the level.

3. Float level gauge


Principle: The float level gauge is well known as continuous float level transmitter, the structure design of floating ball level gauge is mainly based on the principles of buoyancy and static magnetic field. The position of floating ball with magnet in the medium will be affected by buoyancy. The change of liquid level will lead to the change of magnetic float position. The function of magnet and sensor in floating ball will change the number of components in the circuit, leading to the electrical quantity changes. Then we can detect the change of electrical quantity to reflect the liquid level inside the container.

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