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Common Problems and Solutions of Electromagnetic Flow Meters
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Common Problems and Solutions of Electromagnetic Flow Meters

What are the common electromagnetic flow meter problems? Let us get to know it.

Magnetic Flow Meter Troubleshooting

1. How to deal with the FGP displayed by the electromagnetic flowmeter?

(1) Fill the pipe with liquid to change the installation method or installation location.  

(2) Disassemble and wash the electrode.

2. What should I do if the electromagnetic flowmeter does not work properly when there is an impulse voltage interference caused by lightning?

(1) Check whether the lightning protection is installed

(2) If lightning protection has been installed, confirm that the sensor is connected to the ground wire.  

(3) If the wire is grounded, check and rule out poor grounding.

3. How to choose an electromagnetic flow meter correctly and reasonably?

The selection of electromagnetic meters should consider five points: caliber and range, pressure, temperature, lining material and electrode material, and site conditions.  

4. How to choose the electromagnetic flow meter installation environment?  

(1) There should be no strong vibration in the installation place to avoid the flow meter alarm incorrectly occurring.  

(2) Equipment with strong electromagnetic fields (such as large motors and large transformers) should be avoided as far as possible.  

(3) Choose a place that is convenient for maintenance and convenient for activities.

5. What is the cause of the fluctuation of the electromagnetic flow meter showing more than 10% at the beginning of operation?  

(1) When installed horizontally, the entire pipeline is not filled with fluid.  

(2) The grounding is faulty.

Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter

6. What is the reason for the running electromagnetic flow meter display bounce?  

(1) The electrode is completely or severely covered by an insulating object.  

(2) Leakage at the electrode and other reasons reduce the insulation capacity of the electrode to the ground.  

(3) Pulsating flow interference.

7. When the electromagnetic flow meter is installed vertically, what are the requirements for the medium?  

(1) The flow direction of the medium should be from bottom to top.  

(2) After the electromagnetic flow transmitter, make sure that the measuring tube is filled with medium.

8. Based on what principle is the electromagnetic flow meter of the injection station made? What parts does it consist of?  

The electromagnetic flow meter used in the injection station is made according to the principle of Faraday electromagnetic induction. It consists of two parts: transmitter and converter.

9. What is the electromagnetic flow meter working principle in the injection station?

The electromagnetic flowmeter working principle is that the measured medium flows through the electromagnetic flow transmitter to generate an induced electromotive force, which is then converted into a 0-20mA or 4-20mA DC signal output by the converter. See more details in the electromagnetic flow meter working principle pdf.

10. What are the characteristics of electromagnetic flow meters?  

(1) It can accurately measure the flow rate and is a non-volume meter.  

(2) Wide measurement range, fast response, and small pressure loss.  

(3) The temperature, pressure, viscosity and flow state of the measured liquid have little influence on the display value of the meter.

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