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Characteristics and Application of Gas Turbine Flow Meter
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Characteristics and Application of Gas Turbine Flow Meter

Gas turbine flow meter, as one of the main methods of current turbine flowmeter flow measurement, has many advantages. Here is a brief introduction about its characteristics and applications.

1. Shortcomings of gas turbine flow meter measurement

It has high requirements for medium cleanliness (can be equipped with filters). The flow meter is greatly affected by the velocity distribution of incoming flow (Can be equipped with a flow regulator). With the continuous improvement of technical level, its shortcomings are being solved by technical means.

2. Measurement advantages of gas turbine flow meter

The advantages of turbine flow meter measurement include high accuracy, good reproducibility and stability, wide measuring range, good linearity, high pressure resistance, small pressure loss, strong anti-interference ability, convenient remote transmission of signals, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and good corrosion resistance. In case of failure, it will not affect the transportation of pipeline medium. In addition, it has good corrosion resistance.

3. Application occasions of gas turbine flow meter

Because of its advantages, flow meter is widely used in the trade settlement of crude oil, natural gas and valuable fluid, and can also be used in the production process control of products as the feedback signal provider and controller of the control system.

Because of its good repeatability and reproducibility, it can be used as a standard flow meter of a standard meter flow calibration device or as a period check standard table of flow standard device of a turbine flow meter. Turbine flow meter is often used as transmission standard in international and domestic quality comparison. Its main applications are summarized as follows: trade measurement, natural gas transmission and distribution network, city gas and so on; Process control, petrochemical, electric power, industrial boilers, etc. The standard table of standard device usually requires the accuracy level not lower than 1.5.

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