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Applications of Liquid Level Probe in Liquid Level Measurement
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Applications of Liquid Level Probe in Liquid Level Measurement

1. Applications of liquid level probe

Liquid level probe can measure the liquid level of every possible media and applications. It is important that the work environment is not mobile, because constant changes in pressure will not allow accurate measurements.

Usually the liquid level of container or vessel should be determined in liquid level measurement. Our liquid level probe are used, such as in process technology and water treatment, to precisely determine the liquid level in the container and vessels. Moreover, our liquid level probe is suitable in viscous medium, so it can be best used for professional monitoring of the engine oil and fuel liquid level.

2. Selection of liquid level probe

Among all the material for liquid level probe, we only select materials with the best material compatibility, thus our liquid level probe is suitable for various mediums. For example, you can find the use of liquid level probe in waste water treatment area of private households.

For instance, in many areas worldwide, the liquid level of cellar is obviously lower than surrounding sewage treatment system. Therefore, the waste water should be temporarily stored in water tank by pump, and be extracted when needed or in use.

Continuous liquid level measurement is needed to precisely control these pumps. Fluid level sensor can monitor the liquid level in container and start or stop the pump accordingly. As a result, fluid level sensor can efficiently access to various systems according to programming, and most importantly,it can access quickly and control continuously. Fluid level sensor can also be used in process-water area. For example, if you collect rainwater in corresponding water tank, you can monitor the liquid level in this tank. You can easily control and adjust the liquid level by measuring with fluid level sensor.

Liquid level probe can definitely be used in different mediums because of its position. There are various pollutants and dirt particles on the medium surface. Fluid level sensor can work normally If these pollutants do not occupy too much medium. Putting the liquid level probe with fluid level sensor above the bottom of the water tank, it will not be disturbed by dust. And it is not only suitable for mediums like water, but also viscous and low-viscosity media.

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