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Application of Submersible Level Transducer
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Application of Submersible Level Transducer

Ⅰ. Typical application fields of submersible level transducer

Submersible level transducer is widely used in the measurement and control of liquid level in rivers, underground water, reservoirs, water towers and containers. It is a transducer that converts liquid pressure into liquid level by measuring liquid pressure. The principle is that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the liquid height. The submersible level transducer can be divided into two types: whether it needs to be displayed and whether it needs to be transmitted remotely. The transducer core usually uses diffused silicon piezoresistor, ceramic capacitor or sapphire, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, compact structure and good stability.

When selecting the submersible level transducer, we should first investigate the application situation. If it is applied in the corrosive environment, we should select the sensor with high protection level and anti-corrosion, and pay attention to the range size and interface requirements of the liquid level transducer. Submersible level transducer is widely used in the measurement of liquid level in water plant, sewage treatment plant, urban water supply, high-rise pool, well, mine, industrial pool, water tank, oil tank, oil tank, hydrogeology, reservoir, river, ocean and other occasions. The circuit adopts anti-interference, isolation amplification, frequency cut-off interference design (strong anti-interference ability, lightning protection), over-voltage protection, current limiting protection, anti shock, anti-corrosion and other designs, which are unanimously recognized by enterprises.

Ⅱ. Debugging methods of submersible level transducer

When leaving the factory, submersible level transducer has been accurately calibrated according to the range marked on the nameplate. As long as the density and other parameters of the medium meet the requirements, there is no need to adjust them.

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