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RF Admittance Level Sensor
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RF Admittance Level Sensor

RF Admittance Level Transmitter

RF admittance level sensor is also often called the radio frequency admittance switch. The RF admittance level switch working principle is that the radio frequency admittance is a new level control technology developed from the capacitive type, which is more reliable, more accurate, and has a wider applicability.

The RF admittance level switch is an upgrade of the capacitive level technology. The so-called radio frequency admittance, the meaning of admittance is the reciprocal of impedance in electricity, which is composed of resistive components, capacitive components, and inductive components. The radio frequency is the high frequency radio spectrum, so the radio frequency admittance can be understood as using high frequency Radio wave measurement admittance. When the meter is working, the sensor of the meter forms an admittance value with the filling wall and the measured medium. When the level changes, the admittance value changes accordingly. The circuit unit converts the measured admittance value into a level signal output to realize level measurement.

Rf Admittance Level Transmitter

RF Level Transmitter

In general, the RF admittance level sensor is an improved radio frequency admittance measurement technology based on the original capacitance measurement, and the level measurement and control are realized by the probe sensing the change of the reactance (capacitive reactance and impedance) between it and the tank. The level measurement equipment for fly ash, solid particles, and adhesive materials has strong applicability and high reliability. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food, paper, building materials and other industrial fields.

Rf Admittance Level Transmitter

Specifically speaking, as one of level indicator transmitter types, the RF admittance liquid level sensor is mainly used in the material level measurement of the following industrial occasions:

1) Power industry: coal piles, raw coal silos, fuel silos, silo pumps, ash silos, etc.

2) Metallurgical industry: ore silos, ore crushers, raw material silos, auxiliary silos, blast furnaces, alumina powder silos, electrolytic cell buffer tanks, etc.

3) Chemical industry: raw material and intermediate silos, reaction tanks, solid silos, separators, etc.

4) Paper industry: raw material warehouse, storage tower, drying drum, chemical material storage warehouse, etc.

5) Cement industry: stone silos, raw meal silos, cement silos, pulverized coal silos, slag storage silos, etc.

6) Others: RF admittance level sensors can also be used in quarries, food, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, shipbuilding and other industries.

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