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Application of Electromagnetic Flow Meter in Water Supply Enterprise
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Application of Electromagnetic Flow Meter in Water Supply Enterprise

The electromagnetic flow meter has a wide measuring range, the same electromagnetic flow meter can reach 150, and its caliber can also be from 1cm to more than 2m. In recent years, electromagnetic flow meters have been used more and more widely in water supply enterprises due to their advantages of high measurement accuracy, good stability, and rapid response.

1. The electromagnetic flow meter installed in the urban pipe network

It is used for area measurement. The regional installation meter measures the water supply of the surrounding large branch pipes, and considers the water recovery rate in the area. If the difference is too large, you need to check for leaks or violations.

Through regional measurement, the total recovery rate is decomposed, and the measurement is performed step by step from the local to the whole, which provides an assessment basis for the target management. Therefore, when selecting the model, we chose an electromagnetic flow meter with high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability and wide measurement range.

2. Electromagnetic flow meter used for water measurement in water plant

The electromagnetic flow meter used for water quantity measurement in water plants is mainly to provide an effective basis for production and management. The most direct function of the inlet electromagnetic flow meter installed in the water plant is to provide real-time water production, which is convenient for automatic control of water purification and chlorine injection, calculate chemical consumption, chlorine consumption, and electricity consumption, and effectively treat and controlling the cost of water purification. as well as provide real-time basis.

On the other hand, when the suction pump room is turned on normally, the abnormal flow can be displayed through the water inlet electromagnetic flow meter, which can promptly reflect the failure of the water supply pipeline or abnormal unit.

The factory water flow meter can participate in the dispatch of the urban pipe network together with the factory water pressure to ensure the appropriate water supply pressure; it can also provide a reference for the operation of the pump room unit.

Electromagnetic flow meters are more and more widely used in the measurement applications of water supply enterprises, especially in places with large diameters and better installation environments such as factories and communities. The use of electromagnetic flow meters has been very mature. With the advancement of technology and craftsmanship, it will definitely get wider application.

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