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Analysis of the Technical Indicators of Three Pressure Transducers
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Analysis of the Technical Indicators of Three Pressure Transducers

Ⅰ. Voltage stabilizer for the pressure transducer

Since the output pressure of the diaphragm pump is pulsed, the pressure of the fluid is required to be stable in the measurement flow to ensure its accuracy. Therefore, the pulsating pressure must be stabilized to reduce the pulsation within a certain range. For this reason, it is necessary to design a voltage stabilizer. In pneumatic pipelines, air chambers with a certain volume are generally used, and air chambers with a fixed volume are called constant-volume air chambers. The volume that increases or decreases with the increase or decrease of pressure is called an elastic air chamber.

The pressure in the gas chamber increases as the amount of gas stored in the gas chamber increases. For gas chambers of different volumes, to obtain the same pressure increase, the required gas increase is not the same. A gas chamber with a large volume requires a larger gas increment than a gas chamber with a small volume, so it is usually said that a large volume of a gas chamber has a large storage capacity, and a small volume has a small storage capacity.

Ⅱ. Flush membrane pressure transducer

The feature is that the threaded connection adopts a flush membrane structure. The advantage of this structure over ordinary transducers is that it can prevent viscously or not very clean liquids from blocking the transducer. The transducer is hygienic and clean and easy to clean. It is the first choice for industries with high hygiene requirements such as the medicine and food industries.

Ⅲ. The range of the negative pressure transducer

The negative pressure transducer is also known as a vacuum pressure transducer. It uses a low-range vacuum adiabatic chip, and the chip is isolated by vacuum-filled silicon oil. The negative pressure sensor is characterized by high accuracy, good stability, and support for precision temperature self-compensation. In addition, the product is not affected by the measurement medium of oil and water vapor is corrosion-resistant and has a wide range of media compatibility.

The unique solid-state voltage stabilization technology and stress-free packaging process are suitable for vacuum measurement of most gas and liquid media. The range of the general pressure transducer sensor is -0.1MPa~1MPa.

The specific parameters are as follows:

1. Range: -100KPa~0, -100KPa~1000KPa;

2. Accuracy: 0.25%FS, 0.5%FS;

3. Measuring medium: liquid, gas, or steam;

4. Output signal: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V (three-wire system);

5. Power supply voltage: 24VDC;

6. Process connection: G1/4, G1/2, M14X1.5, M20X1.5 (can be customized);

7. Electrical connection: aviation plug, direct lead, Hessman connector;

8. Load capacity: current type ≤500Ω;

9. Compensation temperature: 0-85°C;

10. Working temperature: -20-120°C;

11. Safe overload capacity: 150%;

12. Ultimate overload capacity: 200%;

13. Temperature drift: 0.02%FS/°C;

14. Long-term stability: 0.2%FS/year;

15. Protection level: IP65.

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