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Alarm and Solution of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Alarm and Solution of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

When people use the electromagnetic flow meter, an alarm will occasionally occur, which seems like something is wrong with the flow meter. As we all know, we need to give concrete analysis to the concrete conditions. About the alarm of electromagnetic flowmeter, there are three myths:

Ⅰ. Myth 1: The system excitation alarm of the electromagnetic flow meter sounded means it is broken

1. Electromagnetic flow meter system alarm: SYS——system excitation alarm, also used as excitation alarm. It belongs to the alarm of the excitation signal detected by the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter. When such a situation occurs, it is mostly caused by excessive vibration of the pipeline, or an open circuit of the excitation coil caused by water in the junction box during use.

2. Electromagnetic flow meter system alarm solution: The solution provided by flow meter companies is also very simple. Users can use a multimeter to detect the on-off of the excitation circuit. The specific terminals are EXT+ and EXT- terminals. Measure whether there is a resistance value and judge the resistance value. To determine the cause of the disconnection of the excitation circuit. Criterion: the resistance of the excitation coil will not exceed 200Ω.

Ⅱ. Myth 2: The fluid empty pipe alarm of the electromagnetic flow meter means that the flow meter is faulty

The electromagnetic flow meter empty pipe alarm is a malfunction of the electromagnetic flow meter?

1. Empty pipe alarm: FGP-fluid empty pipe alarm. Smart electromagnetic flowmeters generally have empty pipe detection functions, and no additional electrodes are required. And when you select the ATC alarm, you should pay attention to the status of the ATC. When the fluid in the pipe is lower than the measuring electrode, the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter can detect an empty pipe state. So you will find that when the empty pipe state is detected, the analog output and digital output signals of the meter are all 0, and the flow rate display of the meter is also 0.

2. The significance of the electromagnetic flow meter empty pipe alarm is that the customer can know the flow state of the medium in the measuring pipe in real time, even the empty pipe full pipe state, especially suitable for those opaque pipe sections. It is the most convenient and quick for users to judge the fluid in the pipe. It embodies the humanized and intelligent design of the intelligent flow meter provided by a professional flow metering company.

Therefore, the empty pipe alarm of the electromagnetic flow meter is not a failure of the electromagnetic flow meter, but a truthful reflection of the fluid condition in the measurement pipeline. Of course, users can choose to prohibit this setting as needed.

Ⅲ. Myth 2: The upper limit alarm and lower limit alarm of the electromagnetic flow meter means that it is over the range

FQH—Flow upper limit alarm

FQL—Flow lower limit alarm

The upper and lower limit alarms of the flow rate are calculated according to the percentage of the flow meter's range, which is a concrete manifestation of whether the user exceeds the set range in a specific flow rate range. However, this parameter does not indicate that the electromagnetic flow meter exceeds the measurement range, but can only be regarded as a percentage of the range set by the electromagnetic flow meter. The "setting" is emphasized here because the range of the electromagnetic flow meter can be set, and sometimes the purpose is to improve the resolution of the output signal of the electromagnetic flow meter. Therefore, the user can set the upper and lower limit alarms of the electromagnetic flow meter according to the actual needs of the measurement. If you think it is not necessary, you can also choose to turn it off, because it is mainly used as a reminder of customer-specific traffic.

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