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Advantages of Waterproof Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter in Water Conservancy
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Advantages of Waterproof Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter in Water Conservancy

In non-flood season, the water level in a water conservancy project is controlled by a small hydraulic gate. The operation condition of the small gate is that water is overflowing the top of gate and the working environment is special. Because the stay wire type sensor is often intertwined or collided with sundries on the water surface, the damage rate is higher. As a result, not only the maintenance cost is high and maintenance cycle is long, the automation control of the small gate is also affected. Therefore, the waterproof magnetostrictive level transmitter is adopted, whose advantages are as follows:

1. Stay wire type displacement sensor is used for measuring the steel wire, which has greatly increased the ability to resist the winding and impact damage of sundries;

2. Waterproof magnetostrictive level gauge adopts special large magnetic ring, which better improves this kind of displacement sensor's ability to adapt to the deformation and displacement of small gate's body, thus effectively preventing the contact friction between sensor measuring rod and the magnetic ring generated by the vibration or displacement of the gate's bosy, so as to truly realize the contactless measurement and greatly improve the service life of the sensor).

3. Improve the waterproof level of equipment. A full injection mode cable sealing method (security technique) is applied in the waterproof magnetostrictive level transmitter. To ensure that the sensor can work stably for a long time without suffering from flooding water and moisture at 150 meters underwater, the protection level of the equipment reaches the highest standard-IP68, and thus it can work permanently underwater.

4. It ensures the service life of the equipment, reduces the maintenance cost and saves manpower and material resources.

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