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Advantages and Uses of Radar Liquid Level Measurement
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Advantages and Uses of Radar Liquid Level Measurement

Non-contact radar liquid level measurement technology using radar level gauge has not been used for a long time. In foreign countries, radar phasemeter was first used for liquid level measurement in 1975. Until the mid-1990s, practical application was still rare. In China, radar liquid level measurement technology gradually began to be used in the 21st century. Because it has not been used for a long time, most people don't know much about radar liquid level measurement. So what are the advantages and uses of radar liquid level measurement?

1. Advantages of radar level gauge

Radar liquid level measurement is a non-contact measurement technology. It mainly works by detecting the information reflected by the microwave released by itself to the liquid level, and converting the information to position of object.

That is to say, if the antenna of the radar level gauge emits electromagnetic waves, the electromagnetic waves will be reflected to the liquid surface and received by the antenna. Electromagnetic waves are proportional to the time from transmission to reception and the distance from liquid surface. Based on the principle of time expansion technology, it calculates the time interval between transmitting pulse and receiving pulse, and further estimates the distance from antenna to the surface of test medium.

It can be seen from the principle that the main advantages of radar liquid level measurement are speeding, non-contact, all-weather and real-time continuous detections.

Because of these advantages of radar level gauge, it is not affected by temperature, humidity, fog, mud, sludge, aquatic plants and other factors. It has the characteristics of high liquid level measurement accuracy, simple installation and easy maintenance, and is used more and more widely.

2. Uses of radar level gauge

Radar level gauge is widely used. Applications in hydrological monitoring stations, reservoirs and urban inundation monitoring and early warning systems are common. It can monitor bridge culverts, drainage pipes, waterways, lowland roads, underground parking lots and urban rivers and lakes in real time. Radar liquid level measurement can obtain accurate real-time data in a timely, accurate and scientific manner, provide reliable guarantee for decision-making, emergency and early warning, and ensure the safety of urban buildings and citizens' lives and property under rainstorm conditions.

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