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Accuracy of Turbine Flow Meter
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Accuracy of Turbine Flow Meter

Generally speaking, the choice of turbine flow meter is mainly based on the turbine flow meter accuracy. The current accuracy is roughly: liquid turbine flow meter, theoretically ±0.15% R, ±0.2% R, ±0.5% R and ±1% R, the final product is ±0.5% R and ±1% R; Theoretically, the gas turbine flow meter is: ±0.5% R and ±1% R, and the final product is ±1% R and ±1.5% R. The above accuracy refers to the range of 6:1 or 10:1.

The turbine flow meter accuracy is not only related to the quality of its own products, but also closely related to the conditions of use. If the range is reduced, the accuracy can be improved, especially the standard flow meter used as the flow standard device of standard meter method. If the fixed point is used, the accuracy can be greatly improved. The higher the accuracy of the flow meter, the more sensitive it is to changes in the on-site use conditions. To maintain its high accuracy, it is necessary to correct the meter coefficients, such as the one with 6-point meter coefficient correction curve function.


a) Viscosity is affected by temperature;

b) Density is affected by pressure and temperature;

c) Sensor signal redundancy (a sensor outputs two signals to monitor its ratio);

d) Long-term stability of the coefficient. For trade storage and transportation transfer measurement, online verification devices are often equipped for regular verification.

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